The foster care and adoptive world is complex and those in it need support. The True Conference was created for foster and adoptive parents, kinship providers, grandparents, those considering adoption/foster care and others who love and care for orphaned and vulnerable children and their families. It is designed to provide a time to come together for support, networking, education, prayer and much more.

A note from TRUE Founder

In 2012, God laid upon my heart the need for a foster/adoptive parent conference in our area. For a year I pushed this feeling aside. After all, who was I? How could I possibly plan, organize and execute such an event? Than I realized that our God, the one who spoke the world into existence, the one you led the children of Israel through the waters of the Red Sea using a reluctant Moses, could accomplish something through a poor miserable sinner like me. 

Consenting to be His hands and feet, the Lord has shown himself in amazing ways as we launched the first True Conference in 2014 and He continues to do so as we prepare for each following conference. God, the father of the fatherless, has blessed me through TRUE and I know He will bless you as well. 

Katie Daniels
TRUE Founder/Director